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...almost a week late, but happy #worldb
...whether I’m 4 or 34, my birthday is s
Thank you, #Cleveland! Had a blast repre

originally from Boston, MA. no accent. 

got one of those at-home DNA kits. English, Irish, French, and Italian.

oldest of three. all three are in the business: my younger brother is a producer and on-air personality for a morning sports radio show in Boston and my younger sister is an AEA stage manager. neither parent is in the business, though my dad likes to say we get our talent from him. 

love both cats & dogs, and am a fur mom to a sweet Morkiepoo named Lulu. her IG is @adventuresoflulugem.

nicknames: LaLa, Twirly, Mayor Gemelli, LG, Lo

former bunhead who discovered people also talk and sing onstage, and liked doing that better.

white: Sauvignon Blanc. red: Cabernet Sauvignon. cheese: yes, please. preferably manchego. 

passionate about the preservation and maintenance of original choreography.

currently live in Flatiron. love it. 

my hair is really curly.

I was a contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. spun a dollar. won $1,000 and an upright freezer with shelves for pizza. lost a car. made it to the showcase. we both lost, but that's ok because mine was all fishing equipment. 

so far: Latvia, Estonia, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan (three times!), Canada, and 48/50 US states.

i love a theme. 

I knit and crochet commission projects: @handknitbylauren

tv/film junkie.

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. #grateful #gratitude

I am a sister, a daughter, a fierce friend, and an ally. 

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