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Art Unmasked | NYC Actors & Covid | Lauren Gemelli | HOW CREATIVES CAN GET THROUGH COVID
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Art Unmasked | NYC Actors & Covid | Lauren Gemelli | HOW CREATIVES CAN GET THROUGH COVID

We can all agree that 2020 was an extremely difficult year. I mean really!!! One of the industries that got hit the hardest was the Entertainment Industry, and more specifically...Theatre. Because of COVID, Broadway, all national/international tours, and even community theatres had to shut their doors...many of them, for the first time! WILL THEATRE SURVIVE? Over the course of these fragile months we have discovered that Art Always Finds A Way! Today we begin the first part of our Art Unmasked Series where we unmask the hidden artists that have found a way to hold onto artistry and hope during such terrible and uncertain times. We had the honor, and the privilege to interview the International/National touring Actress Lauren Gemelli. (👏👏ROUND OF APPLAUSE!! Give her JAZZ HANDS! Jazz Hands for Gemelli!!!👏👏) She has poignant words of encouragement for any and all artists today! She will inspire you to keep your hope alive and to never give up on your craft nor your dreams. Watch the second part of Art Unmasked as we interview a veteran Broadway Actor who has amazing words of wisdom to impart to you. To join our Pond Squad and get to know us more, make sure you follow us on our social media pages below :) ★Facebook: ★Instagram: Want to support OHTD? First click the Like & Subscribe (plus the bell!), and then you can also head over to to gain access to merch and delicious behind the scenes footage including Backstage Stories from our Art Unmasked guests 😄. #artunmaksed #theatrepodcast #broadwaypodcast #howwilltheatresurvivecovid #LaurenGemelli
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